Simplesign Terms of Use

General contract conditions

1.1 These terms and conditions ( “Terms”), together with other terms and conditions available on the Simple Sign domain addresses, websites, and other conditions such as Simple Sign in certain cases provide a user separately, describes the conditions applicable to the use of Simple Sign.

1.2  The Website is owned by International AB (556947-8273), hereinafter the “Company” providing a service “Simple Sign”.

1.3  Natural and legal persons who register on the Simple Sign ( “called user”) can by Simple Sign (also referred to as the “Site”) forward contracts one or more recipients can receive, read and sign via the Simple Signs service. The site belongs to the company.

1.4  These terms and conditions ( “Terms”) shall apply when users use the Site. A user is responsible for having the legal authority to submit and sign the contracts used in the Site. The user takes full responsibility for the contents of all the agreements sent by the Site. The Company can not under any circumstances be claimed responsible for the content of the contracts or the use of the site.

1.5  It is the user’s responsibility to be informed of terms of conditions each time the site is used. The user continues to use the Site after the Simple Sign amended terms, it means that the user accepted the changes. As long as the user respects the conditions, offers Simple Sign a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use the Site in accordance with the Terms.

1.6  Simple Sign reserves the right, without obligation at any time to change, add or remove portions of these Terms. This in order to maintain a product as good as possible.

Rules & Responsibilities

2.1  You as a user ( “you”) accept responsibility that all information, documents, contracts or other content available through the Site is accurate. The site is not legal advice. Neither Simple Sign or its affiliates shall be liable for any errors or omissions in the content, or for the consequences of actions in which reliance on the content.

2.2  User Accounts When you connect to the Site, you accept the terms the prevailing conditions and procedures. Except as provided in these Terms may be additional terms and conditions may apply to the Site. You should pay attention and observe such terms and conditions when using the Website. You should keep up and observe the changes in them.

2.3  Term and Termination Term (unless otherwise stated) is twelve (12) months at a time. Are you a customer invoice, the notice be made three months before the contract expires. We missed the termination agreement will be extended for a term at a time. Have you upgraded your account via Paypal or other payment options on the website, you need to continually extend your contract period through the website.

2.4  Storage Account Information You as the user are responsible for protecting and concealing your account information and you are responsible for all activities that occur under your account. You shall immediately notify the Simple Sign on suspicion of unauthorized use or attempted intrusions into your account or any other breach of security.

2.5  Use according to Swedish and international law Violation of the specific terms and conditions of the Site shall constitute a breach of these Terms. Simple Sign does not allow  agreements regarding illegal activities or activities contrary to the Site from time to time applicable conditions. You take full responsibility over the content of all agreements signed by your or your in users’ accounts.

2.6  User Content You may not use the Website for illegal purposes. Nor must you disrupt the Website or distribute content that violates the copyright, privacy or proprietary rights of any third party, or for other purposes of Simple Sign perceived as disruptive, obscene, abusive, insulting, threatening, vulgar or otherwise reprehensible or illegal . Simple Sign is not responsible for any failure or delay in removing such content.

2.7  Simple Sign is right, but no obligation, to monitor all content created by the user, including comments and communications, to determine whether the conditions are complied with by the user, to meet the laws and rules are followed or to satisfy requests from a government authority.

2.8  Simple Sign and other parties that the company collaborates with have the right at any time to remove, block and process the Users and user content, according to the Simple Sign deemed to violate the Terms or otherwise violates applicable laws and regulations. You yourself are fully responsible for the content of your account and the transactions made on your account through the Site. You may not in any way to copy or otherwise use the Site which can be detrimental to Simple Sign.

Payment Models

3.1  You must provide the Simple Sign accurate, complete and updated information about yourself, your business and your invoice / payment details. You must store all of your account information secure.

3.2  Conditions applicable invoice customer Are you invoice the customer at Simple Sign, it means that you have purchased Simple Sign before November 2014 alt. entered into an agreement with the Simple Sign.

3.2.1  As a customer invoice, you will be billed annually in advance (unless otherwise agreed) according to current price levels. Invoices are due for payment two weeks after the invoice date. If payment takes the Simple Sign a reminder fee of 60 SEK excluding VAT. Simple Sign charge default interest in accordance with the Interest Act from the due date to the date of payment.

3.2.2  For accrued expenses, such as for SMS mailings, we will charge ( “Simple design”) per month or any time interval. In the case that you upgrade to an account with more users, or exceeds the number of document storage and archiving, charged the new amount by 12 months in advance net of outstanding payments. Storage, sent contracts and signatures valid, according to the model that you met separately with Simple Sign.

3.2.2  For accrued expenses, such as for SMS mailings, we will charge ( “Simple design”) per month or any time interval. In the case that you upgrade to an account with more users, or exceeds the number of document storage and archiving, charged the new amount by 12 months in advance net of outstanding payments. Storage, sent contracts and signatures valid, according to the model that you met separately with Simple Sign.

3.3  Payment Terms for Business Standard.

3.3.1  When you upgrade your user account to the Business Standard will be charged annually in advance (a “billing period”).

3.3.2  The cost of the Business Standard is 199 per month and user (Alt. € 20 per month per user).

3.3.3  You will be charged a fixed fee per user and get unlimited signatures, according to current price levels. You can at any time upgrade to more users, when you do this you will be charged for a new billing cycle. For those users, and the period that you already paid for is reduced automatically to the new amount.

3.3.4  The Business Standard includes the * unlimited number of signatures, with unlimited means the normal operation (normal operation = 50 signatures per month per user or sent 500 contracts per month per user). Should your account exceed this number has Simple Sign entitled to charge for one or more additional users in relation to the activity.

3.3.5  If you submit contracts and then receive one or more signatures when your account is suspended, ports agreements in standby mode and become locked. A locked agreement means that you or your client can not access the agreement until you have extended your account. They locked the agreements will be available as usual.

3.4  Payment Terms for the Business Flex

3.4.1 When you upgrade your user account to the Business Flex will be charged annually in advance (a “billing period”).

3.4.2  Cost of Business Flex is 995 per month (alt.110 € per month) and 9.9 per signature (alt. € 1 per signature).

3.4.3  You will be charged a flat fee for unlimited users, according to current price levels. Then there will be a cost per signature. The number of signatures, anytime refill with löpnade through Paypal or any other payment service on Simple Sign your account under the tab: my account.

3.4.4  If you submit contracts and then receive one or more signatures without coverage for these, they will be changed to: Locked agreement. A locked agreement means that you or your client can not access the agreement after it is signed, but you will have to add more signatures to unlock agreement. When loaded with more contracts become locked contracts available as usual.

3.5  Charges for SMS agreements

3.5.1  If you choose to expand your account with SMS agreement, fill it in connection with the extension according to the current price level. 15 SMS contracts are included at no extra charge in all new accounts.

3.6  Free Account

3.6.1  When you start up your account are there any free agreement. These are free of charge will not cost anything. But when your account tilled the free agreements, the account will be locked and you must select a price plan and upgrade the account.

3.6.2  If you choose not to upgrade your account, you are fully aware that your contract can be locked and you do not have access to them if you do not upgrade your account.

Suspension of the Site

4.1  You agree to Simple Sign at any time, without notice, may freeze your account or otherwise stop your access to the Site at (a) suspicions of breach of the Terms, (b) Simple Signs attempts to fix vulnerabilities in software or to protect the content, (c) the modification of the Site, (d) unexpected operational interruptions or problems, (e) delays or non-payments, or (f) explicit action request from lagorgan or other government agencies.

4.2  Simple Sign is also entitled to a week’s notice, to terminate your account at (a), the breach of the Terms, (b) User inactivity for more than 12 months, (c) the payment due for more than 30 days. (D) Simple Sign takes no responsibility and can not be liable as a customer or any third party to your account on the Site frozen or terminated.

Data Management Policy

5.1  Simple Sign may store user data in order to enhance the strength of evidence documents signed by the Site. It may require that we collect and store user data automatically which is why we have a data management policy.

5.2  Data Management: The site automatically stores information about users, communications and documents. What information is stored and how it is handled depends on the function of the site is used. Simple design reserves the right to continue to store that information indefinitely on their servers, this includes information from users who resigned or been dismissed from their account and the information the user has chosen to delete from their user account.

5.3  PUL: Simple Sign can collect and use information to deliver and maintain a simple, efficient and secure tjänst.Några of the  information we collect when you use our services are:
• E-mail address
• Customer Information
• IP addresses
• Telephone
• Information that you provide on the Site

5.4  To the extent that the Site may process personal data in connection with the fulfillment of the conditions, the customer shall be responsible for personal information, and Simple Sign personal data assistant (as defined in the Data Protection Act). Simple Sign may only process personal data in accordance with customer instructions, or to the extent required to meet its obligations under the Terms.

5.5  Data storage: Simple Sign storing documents signed ( “signed”) by all parties to an agreed annual fee. A document created or sent by Simple Sign regarded as a stored alt. filed documents. These user can remove the system.

5.5.1  Signed contracts can not be removed without stored for at least three years before they can be deleted from the system permanently. When an account exceeds its storage capacity expanded account automatically and the user is charged according to the terms of payment.

Responsibility and signing process

Simple Sign is provided as a tool for you to sign documents with third parties. The following provisions apply to documents signed by the Site.

6.1  Simple Sign is not a contractor. One of the purposes of the Simple Sign is to strengthen the proof strength of the documents signed. Simple Sign strengthens the evidence regarding the document signed by providing a receipt confirming that the Simple Sign has witnessed the transaction. As a user, you acknowledge that the Site document signing and never by this
procedure can be considered to be a signatory of the document and Simple Sign shall not have any responsibility regarding the validity, content, execution or parties survivors of such documents.

6.2  Compact and Simple signs discharge: the parties will be obliged and entitled in accordance with the agreements when the document is signed by the Site. Simple Sign is never responsible or in any way obligated to monitor or intervene if the signatory parties violate their obligations or the improper use of their rights as agreed in the signed document.

6.3  Disputes and disagreements: If disagreements arise between the parties concerning the agreement shall Simple design have no liability or obligation with regard to this conflict.

6.3.1  Simple Sign can assist with advice and suggestions through the company’s ordinary customer support or help the user to find and manage the information that is available through the Site. Possibly Simple sign mediate contact with lawyers who are familiar with contract law and understand how Simple design works. These can be hired directly and without interference or cost for Simple Sign.

6.4  Communication and invited parties: the purpose of the service such as Simple Sign offers is to enter into agreements with other parties. These invited parties contacted by Simple Sign on your initiative when sending contracts, documents and other information. You agree and therefore gives the Simple Sign the authority to directly or indirectly through other officials to contact, communicate and inform them invite parties to negotiate contracts.

6.5.  When using the Simple Sign, you agree that documents and other information that you send via the Simple Sign recorded by the website. This means that when you and your beneficiaries entered into a contract sent a voucher with you (you and your partners) documented communications to you and the other party (ies), along with your signed agreements. A copy also saved on your Simple Sign account.

6.6  Agreements legal effect and Simple Signs discharge: Simple Sign offers absolutely no legal advice. Simple Sign can in no way predict the validity of contracts entered into by the Site because such mandatory laws, laws in other states or other legal issues may impact on customer contracts. The parties themselves are responsible for ensuring that the agreement and its content, signed by Simple Sign is valid. Do you need to examine the validity or enforceability of any documents / contracts you intend to sign or signed by the Site or if you have other legal questions, you should consult with a qualified lawyer with appropriate legal expertise.

6.7  Taxes: You agree that you and any other party who signed a contract through the Site are responsible for any tax consequences of the agreements. Simple Sign does not undertake to be responsible for the collection, payment and reporting of taxes and other fees in addition to that required under Swedish law or imposed Simple Sign of the authority. As a customer, you should compensate, defend and hold the Simple Sign harmless from all claims, demands, damages, penalties, fines, costs and other expenses related to your documents and agreements.

Ownership Rights

This agreement does not grant the user any ownership rights to the Site. Simple Sign retains all rights relating to the Site and all of the related rights, including, without limitation, any amendments and / or supplements thereto and hence all rights to patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets and other intellectual property rights owned and / or accompanying rights.

7.1 The User shall not, by virtue of this Agreement or otherwise, acquire any ownership rights to the Site and the User acknowledges that the Site constitutes confidential information solely and exclusively belongs to Simple Sign. All rights not expressly granted in this Agreement are hereby expressly reserved by Simple Sign. If any changes, modifications, additions and / or changes (collectively “Changes”) made on the Site, the User states that these changes be exclusively Simple Signs estate with less to Simple Sign advance written approval. The user assigns all right, title and interest in respect of such changes on the Simple Sign and admits to submit any additional documents on the Simple Sign and to take all further necessary and legal steps to discharge or otherwise register the Simple Signs interests in them.

Limitation of Liability

8.1 Use of Simple Sign and information on the website is at your own risk. Simple Sign can not guarantee the website’s accuracy, completeness or fitness for a particular purpose or its function. The Company is not responsible for damages such as loss of information or data, etc. that occur after the use of the site. Simple Sign is not responsible under any circumstances for any direct or indirect damage, cost, loss or liability which may arise from the use of the website or its content or are in any way connected with these Terms.

8.1 As a customer, users should keep Simple Sign, its owners, service providers, other users, distributors, licensors and employees free from any claim or demand, including all legal fees, from you, your company or any third party for any direct, indirect losses and damage to goodwill, loss of profits, or the like. In the event that the Simple Sign is found liable for damage should in any event it does not pass your payments for using the Website the last 12 months, to a maximum of five thousand crowns.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms and any issues around them and all issues related to the Site are governed by and construed in accordance with substantive Swedish law and the trial must take place in the Swedish courts, with the Stockholm District Court. Regardless of the above procedure for resolving disputes, the company has the right to bring an action on overdue receivables in the courts that have jurisdiction over the user or the user’s assets. Unless the parties agree otherwise in the contract must document signed by the Site are governed by and construed in accordance with Swedish law.

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