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SimpleSign for Therefore​

Enhance your Therefore account with electronical signatures from SimpleSign. 

Therefore provides a software for information management, used by businesses of all sizes in every industry and department.

Therefore helps to make documents more accessible and at the same time increase information security. In short Therefore helps businesses become more efficient and productive. 

The Therefore™ integration with SimpleSign, allows users to gather legally binding signatures with ease. 

Therefore users now have a fast, secure and easy to use way to send and sign document directly from their existing Therefore account, saving them time and cutting costs.

Therefore  storage and robust security features ensure that documents are handled securely and efficiently before and after collecting signatures. 

With this SimpleSign integration a document’s lifecycle is controlled, traceable, and reliable. 


Reduce Your Time to Revenue

Get your documents signed faster and easier. Spend more time selling less time doing admin. 

Automate Data Entry

Collect input data from your recipient and populate Therefore data automatically.

Works on-prem

Using Therefore On-prem. Simply install our plugin to start using eSignatures. 

Therefore Cloud

SimpleSign also works with Therefore Cloud. Contact us to get it up and running

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