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SimpleSign for Pipedrive Integration

Start new deals off on the right foot by keeping all of your documentation in order with SimpleSign for Pipedrive.

SimpleSign for Pipedrive helps your sales team to send professional contracts and proposals without ever leaving PipeDrive. 

SimpleSign for Pipedrive Integration

Select templates directly from the ‘Deals’ view in Pipedrive and let Simple Sign auto-populate data into your templates. No need to input prices, contacts or products twice. When a deal is signed, it can automatically be updated as ‘Won’.

Boost sales by using real-time tracking directly from your deals in Pipedrive. Get alerts when your customers are ready to sign. See when they open, read or sign your documents, directly from Pipedrive. 

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Feature list

SimpleSign is user-friendly and still filled with a bunch of features. Some of the features are listed below:

Groups & Permissions

Get enterprise-level management of your users. Build customized groups, roles and permissions.


Build unlimited reusable templates and share them across your organization.

Custom Branding

Add your branding to the signer’s experience, including all emails and signature pages.

Expiration Dates

To speed up the signing process, add expiration dates to the documents you send.

Flexible Workflows

Whether you have 1 or 20 people signing simultaneously or in a specific order, we have you covered.

In-person Signing

Get people to sign documents on the run and in-person. Simply hand over your tablet and collect signatures.


Add and request attachments. Allow your recipient to take a photo or upload a file before signing your documents.

BankID, NemID

Enhance the signature security by adding Swedish BankID, NemID or Norwegian BankID.

Share Folders

Save your signed documents into folders and share your folders to anyone within your organization or external parties.

Field Validations

Add text fields to your documents, and set validations to ensure only accurate data is being entered.

Easy To Upload

17 file formats including PDF, Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel and more. Just drag and drop a document to send it.

Video Recording

Create a personal touch by recording a video that appears next to your sent document.

Document Keys

Secure sensitive documents from being viewed by the wrong person with a document security key or two-factor authentication.

Video Library

Save your product videos into a library and easily attach these videos when sending documents.


Auto-store your contacts so you only need to search for a recipient before you send next document.

Bulk Send

With a few clicks you can automate so that SimpleSign bulk sends your contracts for you.


Get a clear overview of all documents to know what is performing best.

Document Chat

Keep your communication next to your documents, and avoid filling your inbox with emails.

Custom Integrations

Get help building any desired integration from experienced developers at SimpleSign.

Get Reminders

Get reminders based on important dates in your documents.

Heat Map

See how your recipient reads your documents with a heatmap showing you their exact interaction.

Forward Signature Role

Allow your recipient to forward their signing role to any other party within their organization.

Attest & Approval

Create workflows for your documents and set custom approval orders.

Mass Reminders

When having multiple documents waiting to be signed, bulk reminders can be sent to all recipients at once, via email and SMS.


Create your SAML login procedure to have a more secure and unified account setup.

2-factor Login

Increase user credential security by adding two-factor authentication in order to login.

Active Directory

Add SimpleSign to your Azure Active Directory and make it easier to administrate your users.

8 Languages

SimpleSign has language support in English, Swedish, Spanish, German, French, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish

CSV Export

Export all your documents and its meta-data into structured CSV files, at any time.


Create a robot that automatically sends any document to your recipient based on previously signed contracts.

External Storage

Set up external storage for your document and archive them anywhere you please, for example SharePoint or DropBox.

Custom Setup

Customize several parts of your SimpleSign account in order to have a clear view of what’s important.

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